Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity was a dream. It started on a clean slate and a singular design back in 2012. We anchored on the the idea of creating a bag that we can use for our daily commute to school. Little did we know that a small idea would turn to be a business. The reception was beyond what we could imagine. It felt like we were doing something right and moving forward was the only thing to do. 

Vision: Break the Wall

The concept of ‘Break the Wall’ sprung from the everyday struggle of what to use or wear. It is our resistance to what is out there, what is common. It became our guiding principle with each design we make. We believe that to settle conformity, there is a constant need to break the wall that surrounds you. 




+ZG is the idea to incorporate Zero Gravity
 with the daily hustle--that what we produce becomes part of the individual. The plus sign means to add; and ZG is our brand name. It intends to add Zero Gravity MNL to your life. It is our hope that what we produce becomes part of the individual; that Zero Gravity, ultimately, becomes part of the lifestyle.

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